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Soushisouai Note Chapter 4 Released
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Poll :: What should we do for the next release?

Another chapter of Soushisouai Note
 52%  [ 91 ]
A Fueta Kishi story
 47%  [ 81 ]
Voted : 172
Total Votes : 172

Author Message
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PostYou have posted in this forum: Tue Sep 02, 2008 9:24 pm   Post subject:  Re: Soushisouai Note Chapter 4 Released Reply with quoteBack to top 

hige wrote (View Post): › 1) if you're not going to reread those two chapters then you don't care about the story, 2) if you don't care about the story then we might as well dip our dicks in shit and use them to "rewrite." Evil or Very Mad

Um, eww?

Though I can see how you backed off your argument a bit, I'm still not in perfect agreement. Let me first say, for posterity, that entertainment media and rhetoric should be absorbed in order. I recently began to lend a friend of mine the book Cosmic Banditos. He immediately flipped to the last page. When I recovered from my shock and mad grab to rip it out of his hands, he told me that's always the first thing he does. That book is still on my shelf.

1.) You don't have to re-read those chapters to know what happened in them. There's a possibility something in 'em could make more sense now if carefully gone over again, but the basic premise should still be sound.
2.) I have read one or two decent rewrites. However, even in these cases, the translations are always, always better. The storytelling in this media is more than just the words, as we know. It's also written in images--expressions, reactions, settings. Aside from the fact that most re-writers don't seem to care about things like grammar and said expressive storytelling, their words almost always feel forced and out of place. Because they are. Often, they really might as well be written with the colorful method you described above.

The difference here is that it's a common practice for these mangaka and groups to release chapters individually in magazines and collections, as they're made. Then later an anthology volume will be created where they're all finally combined. Sometimes there will be a continuous story that isn't long enough to fill an entire volume so they'll have, say, six chapters of that story, then 4 randoms added in to make weight. At that point there might be a nice new bonus, like the booklet in S.Note. I like a longer story myself, but I can't say that the mangaka should stretch a story past inspiration and motivation just to make a certain number of pages like their publishers demand.

So, for a good while, we have these individual chapters floating around, and some spark the interest of a translation group, who may not even realize they're connected. Now let's be honest here, the chapters of S.Note could all stand alone. It's just better that they're loosely linked together. We get to enjoy that aspect, but that doesn't mean they're worthless without it.

P.S. Having a poll like that is just sorta like painting ourselves in a corner. If we ask, we kinda have to respond, I suppose. Ironically though, while I was eager to finish S.Note, having been forced into looking at Fueta Kishi's stuff again has renewed my affection for his work. I'll get back to workin' on 'em now.

(That anime though...maybe it was Mary Bell? Now I'm curious too...)

''The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised!'' --Zapp
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USA US California
PostYou have posted in this forum: Tue Sep 02, 2008 11:41 pm   Post subject:  Re: Soushisouai Note Chapter 4 Released Reply with quoteBack to top 

Ugh. K-dogg used to do that too. She would always flip to the back and read the last sentence or last paragraph first. Shocked

Well I said that my argument sucked--I'm not trying to defend it.

And then you brought up a bunch of good points and I remembered something about Soushisouai Note. The table of contents page as the original release dates for each chapter. A bunch of them are way out of order and it is pretty much just like you said Embarassed Actually I think from here on out the stories cease to be related at all Razz

The poll is a funny thing. When it works in our favor everybody loves it and when it works against us everybody hates it. The reason I put it up is because I've never made a test poll before and I just wanted to see how it works. I also thought it would be a good way to survey our readers, but that wasn't the primary motivation. The poll ain't painting me into nuthin'. The site rules clearly state this place ain't no democracy. Twisted Evil Also in this specific case there is no clear winning side. The poll results have averaged out to 50/50 with swings to either side.

My main reason for wanting to do a Fueta Kishi was that a lot of people were showing interest in it and I felt that we might be seen as neglecting it. With the way that circumstances are about to change, it could easily be a month before I can finish off Soushisouai Note and I felt bad about dropping Fueta Kishi for so long. And that one that we settled on--I chose it because I could do it quickly. I felt like it wouldn't interfere with the rest of my schedule....I see it as a freebie rather than something that took away time from something else.

I think we may never know about that anime... I'll try to look into it after I go back home.

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Tajikistan US Washington
PostYou have posted in this forum: Sun Oct 19, 2008 9:14 pm   Post subject:  Re: Soushisouai Note Chapter 4 Released Reply with quoteBack to top 

Sorry to hear about what's going on with you. Get better soon, but in the meantime, thanks man.

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